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Track Notes/Reviews

Chaseedaw is a creative polymath, finding outlets for her muse in theater, film, on the runway and in lines of poetry. With “Daddy”, she explores the complementary disciplines of rap lyricism and sung vocals, as well as giving voice to a widely felt topic of emotional depth.
Chaseedaw alternates points of view in this poignant examination of family and romance: the lover of the broken boy grown into a broken man and the daughter yearning for daddy to be there for her. Each verse peels back a dimension of how a man’s actions in love, lust and fatherhood reverberate outward in concentric ripples. Connecting these verses is a haunting chorus giving voice to the girl child and the woman trying to make sense of it all.
“Daddy” is a love letter, a plea and a statement of purpose from an artist using multiple hues on a palette to paint a vivid picture.

– Rhome Anderson


Don’t let her striking “super model” good looks fool you, Chaseedaw has bars! Combining her sultry, yet no nonsense tone and her thought provoking lyrics, I really look forward to listening to the rest of this project. This single gets my 5 stars, and putting the very talented DC native Deborah Bond on the track is a good look as well. The live performance of this single will be dope!

– DJ Jealousy, WPGC 95.5


“She’s not only a face of hip hop’s future-but this single will resonate with all the daddy’s girls turned women around the world looking for answers.” – Aisha Keys, Vintage Junkie


About the Artist:

Chaseedaw (Cha Cha) is an actress, model, songwriter and all around creative who enjoys music, fashion and performance art. Born in Syracuse, NY and raised in Roxbury, MA she began writing poetry and rhymes at a young age. A tomboy in her youth, she was inspired seeing her brother battle-rap and cypher with his friends. Too shy to join in she watched and wrote her rhymes down. In her debut single Daddy, she tells a story of love, lose, finding self-esteem and making choices. Music should make you feel, make you think, tell you a story, and that is what she does. That is who she is — a storyteller, a thinker, a dreamer, an artist.


Album Art

CD Art Credits:
Photography: LeRoy Armstead
MUA: Tasia Mitropoulos
Styling: Chaseedaw
Graphics: Mike Moody